Usborne Books & More believes that children should have every opportunity available to them, especially a good education. We offer an incredible variety of fiction and non-fiction titles in all age ranges and subjects. The combination of Usborne and Kane/Miller books enables Usborne Books & More to offer you one of the most creative and original book lines in the United States and throughout the world. Our books are sought after by parents and educators alike due to their unique approach to learning.

Whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time career, we are confident that Usborne Books & More can meet your dreams and goals. Through this new venture, you'll meet and make new friends, receive recognition at all levels, experience personal growth and develop new skills while still placing your family first.

Usborne Books & More allows you to be in control of your time and income, and by sharing the opportunity with others, you will secure your own success. Set your goals, take responsibility for achieving them and look forward to enjoying a brighter financial future!

What Does an Usborne Consultant Do?

Sales Channels Available to Every Usborne Consultant
• Home Shows- More like Book Parties! SO fun and hostesses earn tons of free books!
• School and Library- Train to be an Educational Consultant and promote literacy
• Direct Sales- Everything else..
• Reach For the Stars!!- a Pledge-Based Reading Incentive Program for Schools
• Book Fairs- Daycares, Schools, Libraries, Hospitals, and more
• Literacy for a Lifetime- A Matching Grant Program
• Web Sales- Usborne Books & More Retail Website
• Booth Events- Festivals, craft fairs, etc
• Fundraising for local organizations- Sell Usborne Books you help others reach their goals!

Enjoy a Balanced Life as an Independent Usborne Consultant

Usborne Books & More provides you the opportunity to build a home based business with no monthly quotas and no territories.

Set Your Own Schedule
You choose the hours you want to work, so Usborne Books & More is ideal for a part-time or full-time business.

A Rewarding Sales Career
Whether you want to work your new business 4 hours a week or 20, Usborne Books & More fits into your schedule! If you choose to promote from a consultant to a supervisor and beyond, the opportunity for additional income with an Usorne Books & More home based business becomes unlimited! We are proud to say that Usborne Books & More leaders can earn corporate salaries working part-time hours.

Common Questions & Answers

How often is new product introduced? Every quarter

Are the books affordable? Yes 80% of our books are under $10

Lifetime Warranty? Yes- We will replace a book at 50% of the retail cost no matter the reason..even if Koolaid is spilled on it!

Satisfaction Guarantee? Of course
What's the Commission scale? 17-30% depending on the avenue of sales

Sales Bonus? Monthly with $350 in sales
How much is the bonus? 3-5%, 11% for supervisors

Recruiting Bonus?
Yes 4% of personal recruits

Other incentives? Contests, Vacations, 30% discount on personal purchases, free books

Who pays for the customer discounts/specials? The company- we have many incentives that consultants may use freely at no cost to them

How do I get paid? At time of sale, bonus check monthly

How long has Usborne Books & More/EDC Publishing been in business? Since 1973

Publicly Traded on the New York Stock Exchange- symbol EDUC

Notable Mentions?
Usborne and Kane Miller books are highly acclaimed childrens books winning numerous awards and gaining recognition in newspapers, magazines and more every year. Listed in Forbes as one of the top 200 small businesses to work for in the US

Give back to the community? Yes we have a 50% grant matching program, and also work with toys for tots and consultants can hold book fairs for local organizations to raise money as well.

Minimum Sales to Meet? No

Need to buy inventory? No- although after 3 months with the company, if you wish to have inventory for booth events such as festivals you may put in an inventory order with the home office and your sent the inventory at no cost, once the inventory sells you deduct your commission and then pay for the books from the sales collected.

Required to buy product?
No, the only required purchase ever is your business starter kit which ranges in price from $25- $100 depending on which you choose.

If I'm inactive will I lose my status? No, and you will not need to pay anything to get started again..simply pick up where you left off.

Training and support? Yes we offer numerous avenues of training and our consultants become very knowledgable. We have dvds, recorded audios on both the phone and computer, mounds of articles, online training, weekly phone training conferences on my team for those who wish to join in, and exclusive training website for my team members that offers free downloads of useful business forms, advice, and much more.

Accept credit cards? Whats the Fee? Yes, and there is no fee to us

Territories? No

How do you submit orders? We have an easy to use online ordering system, or you can fax or mail orders in as well.

Is the market oversaturated?
Not at all I need more consultants to work with actually. We have somewhere in the range of 5,000-8,000 consultants nationwide, which is not enough to even service 10% of the schools and libraries in the US.

Starting an Usborne Books & More home based business career means surrounding yourself with others that value children and education. You'll make lifelong friends who support one another to reach their potential while working for a solid, caring company.
Enjoy a flexible, profitable and rewarding business with Usborne Books & More!"

To learn more and have your questions answered promptly simply email me- or send me a private message here on CafeMom. We can set up a time that works for you to chat by phone, or I can give you the info on a phone recording you may listen to as you work around the house as well. It's really easy to get started, I'm happy to assist in the process and we can get your e-commerce website up and running almost instantly, as well as start training.

This is not a business where you sign up and pay to start and then your own your own. You will make lifetime friends, work with others, and learn so much. We offer a lot of training because educational consultants work with schools & libraries as well as many other avenues of their choice and its crucial to be professional and knowledgable. I encourage your questions, and look forward to talking with you more!

There's numerous pages of info available on my website at

I am available to chat on the phone most evenings and can schedule calls in during the daytime also between work.


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