This weekend, I had my lace/tatting group meeting at one of the member's rental propery in Mt Gretna. How beautiful it is!!! The house is big, old fashioned touches... wide open rooms.... it was fun to sit in her living room and do our craft, chit-chat and eet the treats we brough with us to share.     Little did we know, she was under the weather but wes determined she wanted to share, and host, the day. 

Then today, I wandered to a Juried craftshow not too far from here.. Ihe items were kind of expensive, but I had been to this one previously, so I knew some things might be too pricey for me.  I did splurge and got myself left handed wooden kitchen utensils.   I know.. crazy right ?  LOL

Going to finish folding the laundry, do more of my bobbin lace and maybe hit the cross stitching project that is haunting me either tonight or tomorrow.

The weather is beautiful of course that helps with everyone getting out to do the things they want to do.

Hoping to make a menu for the week, since I am only working 2 days this week, which are kind of spread out. So that means I can actually make some dinners.



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