We are currently interviewing people TODAY to fill at home positions.  

AmeriPlan is recommended by and has an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau.  CLICK HERE to see for yourself.
CLICK HERE to request an interview today.  We will be conducting interviews all week.

We currently have two positions available.  When working with AmeriPlan, you are able to work one or both positions. It is your choice and you will want to do the side of the business that you are most comfortable with and enjoy. (Many of us work both sides and enjoy both sides of the business)

1st Position: Training Specialist

We are looking for people that will take pride in helping others work for our company. If you have an upbeat personality and like to help people, you will have tremendous success with our company. All you need is your computer and your phone to get started. Every month, millions of people are searching online/offline to find real, legitimate, work at home. Now you can help them find that, all while making an amazing income, from the comfort of your home. We will train you, step by step, on how to master this position.

There is NO telemarketing or Cold Calling required with our company. 

The Freedom at Home Team is committed in giving everyone an opportunity to get a great start. We will train you how to build this business as we have a training website that will teach you everything you need to know to get your business up and running, we have our very own private team message board forum as well as daily training calls that you may call into at your convenience. We will provide you (and everyone in your team) 250 free leads every month to help you generate daily checks quickly. We are a team that is dedicated to your success and today is the best time to get started with our team.

We have many people from all walks of life on our team. We have stay at home moms, dads, students, grandparents, teachers and entrepreneurs. These people were also looking for work at home, just like you are now. Many of them were frustrated and almost gave up until they found us.

2nd Position: Membership Specialist

AmeriPlan® has identified some major concerns among Americans in our country today with regards to a lack of descent healthcare coverage, a spike in identity theft, and a rising cost of living; and we are passionate about providing affordable solutions that will help people save money in all these areas and many more!

As a Membership Specialist you can help people save money on their healthcare, legal issues and daily purchases by enrolling them in one of the memberships we offer. This too, is a very rewarding position. Without you, millions of people wouldn't know about the wonderful programs AmeriPlan® offers. AmeriPlan® has saved millions of members hundreds of millions of dollars since 1992. You will be helping others save hundreds and thousands of dollars on the rising cost of healthcare, legal, auto and more. You will make a difference in someone's quality of life.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people (210 million Americans) have no form of dental or vision plan and 2 out of 10 people (47 million Americans) either can't afford or qualify for health insurance coverage.  Why not help them save a substantial amount of money through one of our memberships and get paid great money for doing it?

In our country today identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and has been for years. According to PrivacyRights.org the total number of records containing sensitive personal information involved in security breeches in the U.S. from January 2005 - September 2009 is over 263 Million.

Currently 7 out of 10 Americans (210 Million) do not have a Will. There are 5 out of 10 Americans (150 Million) according to national statistics will have a Legal situation this year requiring the advice or assistance of an attorney.

A child goes missing every 40 seconds (800k per year) and less than 10% of families have a sample of finger prints and/or DNA. You can now provide a solution by offering a membership that provides a National Child ID kit that is the ONLY (in home) finger printing kit that is approved by the FBI.

You can even help families stretch their dollars to the max by offering our membership that allows them to save thousands of dollars each year on the things they use most such as dining out, shopping online and locally, automotive maintenance, and recreational fun!

We will train you on how to help people save money with these memberships. The people you help save money will be your members. Because our company has such a high retention rate with our members, you keep getting paid month after month, year after year as long as they maintain their membership.

The market potential for our memberships is huge. We have been established since 1992 and we have not even penetrated 1% of the market potential in any major city in the United States. 

CLICK HERE  to request an interview.

Contact Me Anytime:

Home Office - 904-589-1324 or 800-920-5701
Yahoo IM - Kristie_Wooten

To Your Success!

Kristie Wooten
National Sales Director
50K President's Club
"Top Ten" ACE Recruiter 2006-2010
Top Producer 2006-2010
FAHT Spirit Award 2008
Leaders of Tomorrow 2008
(800) 920-5701
(904) 589-1324

"We all have two choices; We can make a living or we can design a life" ~Jim Rohn

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Nov. 23, 2010 at 5:02 PM

I have question

what are the requirements for me to get to the next level in the business?

how much do it cost to join?

how fast would it take for me to get to the next level?

do you'll give out leads?

and what is the commission like with your company?


sorry about the questions im wondering because i might join.....

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Nov. 23, 2010 at 8:25 PM

Hey there!

I'm happy to answer your questions for you:)

Your first goal when you have joined the company is to reach your first promotion of Regional Sales Director (RSD).  You will reach this by enrolling about six pieces of business.  On average, it takes about a month to three months to reach this goal depending on how much time you have to devote to the business.  Obviously our full timers reach it faster than our part timers:)

As brokers with AmeriPlan, we have an annual fee of just $19.95.  We also have a small monthly membership of just $50.  The first one being due when you get started.  And your future fees will be treated as a payroll deduction, so just taken from your paycheck as long as your check is over $50.  And all of us that work make well over $50.  So it's only $69.95 to get you started.  And you really get a lot for that. You're going to receive a really nice kit full of materials, it has brochures, various forms that you'll need. Also AmeriPlan has a customer service department at our home office in Dallas, they service all of our benefit members for us.  So when we enroll these plans, they mail them their membership cards and an 800# and when the customers have questions, they contact them instead of us.  You'll also receive professionally designed e-commerce websites for your business,  the full Platinum plus plan for your family which includes the Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic plan and the Identity Theft Protection, Roadside Assistance and Legal and Financial Services as well as discounts at retailers nationwide on shopping, dining, automotive, travel and much more! So they give us a really nice benefit package!

Yes, I do provide free leads for my new team members...as many as you need!  We also teach you to generate your own using tons of free advertising:)

We are paid like insurance people, we are paid daily.  The work we do today, they will cut us a check tomorrow.  When you enroll someone to work with the company or someone into one of our benefit packages, you're going to receive between $15 and $45 upfront.  You're also going to receive residual income.  Residual income is great because you keep getting paid over and over again for the work you did one time.  So, you will continue to receive a portion of that same person's monthly membership month after month, year after year, which will be between $6 and $20 a month.  So our checks keep growing every month.  I've been with AmeriPlan for 4.5 years and the people I enrolled in my first month, I've still been getting paid for, for the past 4.5 years.  So, as you can see, the sky is the limit with the income opportunity.  You really have the potential to build something great for your family.

Feel free to take a "sneak peek" at how my team works on my team site at http://www.careerandfreedom.homestead.com/.

If you have any other questions, just send them my way.  I am always happy to help!!  You can also reach me at 904-589-1324 or request an interview at www.freedomathometeam.com/KristieWooten/request.  I would love to have you on the team!!

Hope you're having a beautiful evening!


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