so depressed! Ahh I hate this! I'm dating this new guy who to me, seems to be closed off. He's afraid of getting hurt so wants to take things slow but for me I need more. I don't know what's going to happen. Right now he's also going through some stuff with his daughter and her mom so maybe I should back off a little. I dunno....I'm needy I can't help it. lol We've been dating for about 2 -3 months and only see eachother every two weeks. Every other weekend when he doesn't have his daughter (he has full custody of her) I go stay saturday night over there.  This weekend plans didn't seem to work out....his daughter and her mom got into a fight so she stayed home this weekend with him. He never got ahold of me (last night or tonight) until I thought it was too late to drive all the way out there stay a little bit then drive back home (he lives about 20 min. away from me). So I was frustrated and he was frustraded that I was frustraded. But I felt like I was waiting around all freakin I'm PMSing so I'm extra bitchy and my car acted up this weekend...the breaks went all the way down to the floor so I don't have my car right now (borrowing one from someone though). So yeah this weekend SUCKED!!! I'm so glad tomorrow is moday.

Also I've been stress eatting this weekend. lol thats not good.

okay I vented. Thanks for listening.

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 7:04 PM

First (((HUGS)))) Second its hard when someone wants to go slow and third sorry about your car. Pms sucks nothing like aunt flo peaking her head out at the worsed time.

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Nov. 14, 2010 at 7:12 PM

Hey, You... yeah the beautiful, young lady  who posted on this site! Read your entry again.

Sheesh! Why, oh why, are you beating yourself up? STOP! RIGHT NOW! STOP!

You answered all of the questions roaming around in your head and your heart  already...are you listening?  PMS has got nothing to do w/ it -- taking your attention off of your personal path does!  THAT'S THE REAL REASON YOU'RE SO FRUSTRATED!

Solve your challenges first and foremost by taking small steps toward the solutions.

Walk around your beautiful neighborhood any time you desire to help clear your head while listening to your fave music. Spend the nights at YOUR house W/O HIM or whomever and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS -- go ahead...don't be afraid.  Take up a dance class; photograph; art -- whatever...a constructive, social, learning experience and fill your heart and space with these things. REALLY... THE LOVING UNIVERSE IS WAITING TO EMBRACE YOUR VISION AND TO HELP YOU DO SO!

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