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All you want to know about ME!!!!

Ok, so it has been awhile since I put a journal up. I hope the one or two people that read this are not mad at me. lol. Let's see. I have a job now. Been working at Toys R Us for about a week. And yes, I am due next month the 21st. Crazy you may say. But, all I have to say is that hunny I need the money. Me and Dustin are doing awesome. Nothing to report anymore about my son's biological. He is a jerk. You know that but I think he may not bother me anymore. I plan on not telling him when Cayden is born. And if he comes to the hospital, he will be excorted by police off the premises. I have already put that into motion. And ladies I am going to get an epi! I know that much. My best friend that was dues the 12th of next month had her lil girl a couple days ago at 1:10 am. This is her third child but her first girl. Excitement! I am having crazy migraines and what I think is braxton hicks. I have had bh before. But this is just weird the way it feels. I cross my legs and stand still because it feels so weird when they happen. And sometimes it hurts a lil too. I do not know what it is. O but I am so bitchy lately! I have never been this bitchy before. It really sucks. O something funny happened today. Me and Dustin was going to Freds to get me some stuff. And we go through the red light and have to take a double take. This car with these two older ladies in it. I think it is a buick. Is headed straight for us. Dustin slams on the brakes and then I guess the ladies figure out what they are doing and they turned on their turn signal to get in the lane they are supposed to be in. They show no sign of wanting to appologize to us. Which the shit that they did could have caused a wreck! So, just remember, if you are old, and you don't really know what you are doing behind the wheel. DO NOT DRIVE! IT WILL KILL SOMEONE OR SOMETHING! Ok, that was sort of my soap box. I have my migraine right now so Dustin is cleaning the house. And we are working on Cayden's room. I am so excited! The baby shower my momm threw for me was great. I got lots of clothes and diapers of all sizes and a stroller that has the seat with it. I know that I am jumping around with the ideas but that is the way that my brain is working. O and I have this white stuff on my nipples that feels weird and flakes off. Is that preparation or whatever? The reason why I am asking is bc I really want to breastfeed. It is so hard to see stuff that I want for my son and not have the money. Bc this job that I have now is the first I had in months. At least 3 or 4 months or something like that. And when I did work I only worked a couple weeks before they would fire me bc I was pregnant eventhough I would tell them that I was. I mean it is stupid. But i swear working at Toys R Us I want to buy the world for my son. I want him to have an awesome childhood. Get all that he wants. I love him and have not even met him yet. And Dustin loves him too. Eventhough he is not his son. He wants to be the dad. Dustin talks to my belly and rubs it and massages me. He is so awesome! I am sorry about the gloating but he is the love of my life. And in Dec. I will have 2 loves of my life. DUSTIN AND CAYDEN! I think that is all for now. But, I want to say one more thing. My groups, check them out when you get a chance. If you would And add me as a friend. I am available anytime. Even when I am not online. Thank you so much for your time. And have a great day. And thanks for reading my journals


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