I've been panicking here and there for months I just try to keep my emotions in check but in private I do have my melt downs of tears.  Gavin is 4 1/2 years old.  Gross motor he is doing great running, jumping, and climbing.  Fine motor he is doing okay. Self help not doing well at all wishing potty training was easy but it's become frustrating.  Speech is the one I cry about and his attention span.  This week has been bad.  He hasn't wanted to sign just cries.  Food is his enemy just eats a number of things and we give him Pediasure to supplement.  I've many a times taken the Pediasure away so he would eat better.  He has gone to bed hungry fighting with me about food.  Nothing I do works.  Not diluting his apple juice with water. Eating together at all meals. Slowly introducing meals. The only thing I refuse to do is blend his food.  I'm not sure if it's a texture thing or a taste thing or both.  He does love yogurt, ice cream, pudding, no problems with any liquid but he does eat crackers, popcorn, chips, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, watermelon, and cantalope.  That's sadly all he will eat.  Six months until he will be 5 y/o and I just wish he would talk to me and eat meals with us.

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 5:41 PM

Hi Helen, this is your Tita Rita.  First of all, I hope you continue to keep your emotions in check.  If you will remember my son Ikkey is 9yo going 10yo next April.  He is still not fully potty-trained but I'm very thankful that most times, he spontaneously goes to the bathroom on his own or if he verbalizes (this is not often) that he needs to pee or move his bowels.  His behavior also leaves much to be desired and he sometimes has bouts of sitting on the floor when he is not able to do or get what he wants.  What is more worrisome is he has started to throw things while inside the classroom and we can't think of any reason why he had done that except perhaps just to catch the teacher's attention (ie. being manipulative), he was bored, or both.  What I try to do is just to constantly talk to him about what's proper and what's not proper.  Like Gavin, speech is Ikkey's greatest weakness which is to be expected of our children with Down syndrome.  This is so likely due to his hearing losses which we are trying to more actively manage now.

I hope we can chat in person soon, this evening if possible.  By the way, I have spare tickets to the DSOSN event Festival of Trees & Lights that are already paid for that I would love for your family to use tomorrow evening. 

Hang in there...

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Jan. 29, 2011 at 2:53 PM

Hi Tita Rita.  I'm sorry I just now saw your comment.  Do you think Ikkey's behavior is due to the change of environment?  I forget how long his been in the U.S.  It sounds like the throwing if he just now started this is due to wanting attention.  Ikkey doesn't speak much?  I have my times were I panic. The reality of Gavinnot being functional becomes overwhelming to me at times.  It's frustrating when I know he is capable because he is able to follow instructions and understand but for some reason he just won't.  Anyway sorry for my rant I forget that we met thru cafemom.  It was a rough week and I needed to vent.  Thank you Tita for everything.  Hope you and your family are having a good 2011. 

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