I think today's world is so rough, especially for our teens. Trying to figure out if I traded places with my son and lived his life out for a week, one, would I really want to and two, what are the things he sees going on around him-the way he sees them through his eye's, and if I were to trade places with him during this week would I be able to gain a better understanding for some of his struggles. Alot of his friends and classmates I have known since they were in daycare with him years back. All I know is that when I was a teenager the peer pressure wasn't that bad and we were accepted but we didn't need to be bad or get into trouble to be considered cool" or a part of the in crowd. My son seems to care less about school, a lost interest for him. He has always liked chool till he reached high school.  So much is going on in the world around usand I for one would like to see my son succeed in his life. I am just voicing my concern as a parent of a child growing up and disrespecting his parents and others around him has been his main issue. I guess I wish I could see things through a teens eye. It woould make it so much easier to understand my child and maybe see what he may be goin through and to help him.The one who it is up to to make the change is him and he needs to want things to change or they won't.  The importance of school doesn't seem to matter to him. Friends, girls and listening to them .-ot me and his dad. It is hard to sit back and watch when he hangs out with kids that say they are his friends but behind his back there is something else going on. I wonder if he realizes all this and they aren't his true friends at all. I hae mentioned this to him several times but I am not sure he is getting it.

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