yeah, I stayed with him.  I've moved on (she lies to herself) over his transgressions, his girlfriend slutwhore bitch spent a whole day texting me last week about what they did and how it's in the past but did I want the details?  lol.  I called her a scared slut.  Anyway..  so I'm trying so hard to stay positive, to not ruin MY life by hating him.  I even slept with him today lol.  Better me than some new or old whore.  Trying very hard, for the sake of the baby.  I don't want to break up her family.  I know all too well what happens when a girl grows up without her original dad.  So we're being friendly, I think he thinks everything is okay, and that's fine by me.  He doesn't need to live inside my head.  But I'm bored, he's on his videogame..  sobored.... I say lets go get some laundry soap so I can do the laundry, he says yeah for the first time in 6 months.. I did laundry last week.  I know, most moms do it daily, but all I have to work with is one machine that is shared with 20 other apartments and it doesnt work half the time and he sure as shit isn't in a mad rush to take us to the laudromat that is way too far away to walk to with the baby and our laundry and yeah FUCK THAT, I'm stuck with what I got and needless to say I can't do the shit very often.  So I tell him, yeah I did em last week what do you think the magical sock fairy came and washed your stinky ass socks and hes like yeah.  And I ask why he can't even ACKNOLEDGE what I do around here (like keep the house relatively clean while raising the baby damn near by my fucking self, not to mention the fight it is to BREATHE, it's fucking exhausting. ) and he tells me because it is so small.  So, apparently, I'm not worth his noticing.  He's been treating me like shit since my job eny ded and he's been the only one working, a grand 3 months in our over 6 years together he works and I'm not.  Usually it's the other way around.  But now he has the upper hand, he can do whatever he wants (and does) because he is so important to our family and I am nothing. 


Why am I trying again?

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