I was doing my laundry today, walking back and forth from my moms house to mine cause I am not allowed to have a washer in my apartment complex, you either have to be handicapped, disabled or have more then five kids, so once a week I haul all my laundry down the street to my moms and spend the day walking back and forth.I have been having this feeling that I want to be free,I hate living here and have been checking the apartment listings everyday hoping to find something I can afford so i can get us out of here. I am so sick of walking around and hearing peoples kids cry, couples fighting. seeing kids in the park till midnight. Im sick of my sisters dirty kids wanting to come play at my house. I want the peace and quiet that country living will give me,. where i would actually have a porch to sit on. where the kids can play out in the yard and leave their toys all over and the maintenance guys wont throw them up, or mow them over.  I have lived in this place most my life and its getting to me and to my kids. they don't have friends up here . most the kids up here are trashy. they hang out in the park all day fighting and cussing some of these girls are like 14 and 15 and they are already pregnant and yet their parents still let them hang out with the same people. while they raise the babies. there are cameras every where around here and the lights that come on at dark make it feel like a concentration camp. they are huge bright uv lights. ugh is something wrong with me. my goal is to pay off all my debt with my taxes, ( I would rather buy new furniture but that can wait) then in may apply for a loan to get a house. hope i can do it...

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