I picked up my ds today from his dad, and found out that his dad has been letting him play COD Black Ops on the Wii. This really shocked and upset me. The most violent game he is allowed to play at home is Spongebob. He is only five years old!! I have always been okay with his dad having seperate rules to follow at his house, but to me this was NOT okay. This is common sense! The damn game is NOT even rated T for teen but M FOR MATURE!!! C'MON!!!! Seriously? Are you that dense?? I don't know if I am overreacting or not, but he is only five and those games are sooo realistic looking with the graphics and everything, not to mention the language!!! my dh has COD World at War and we won't even play it with ds in the house! I even look away sometimes! So I'm not this uptight overbearing mom, because even I play the games, but 5 yrs old is just waaaaayyyy too young IMO. Sometimes I don't know what my ex is thinking...

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