Well, my mood has improved at least.  So maybe it was just hormones or exhaustion or both.  Whatever it was, at least it's gone, more or less.  I mean i'm still enormously stressed out about our finances and things, and still sleep deprived an get snippy with the kids sometimes, but at least I'm not so depressed lately. 

As for our situation, it's still pretty tentative, which is scary.  DH and I agree we both want to stay here as long as we can afford it.  We should (knock on wood!) have December's rent alright, and DH seems to think we'll have that month's bills and everything too, but I just don't see how.  He's quitting his job as bar back, it's just not good for him.  He doesn't handle being up literally all night very well, and spending 10-12 hours on his feet has been leaving him laid up or limping when not working.  So we'll have no income again.  But if we've got our rent and bills I know our family will help with grocery bills, so we'll make it through the month at least.  But after that . . .

DH went in for the prelim testing for the Southaven PD a week or so ago, but he failed the physical test.  Arms gave out two push ups short.  So that option's more or less off the table, unless he wants to look into retesting.  Dunno if they'll let him do that or not.  But he got called in for the Memphis PD's prelim testing for next weekend, so praying that goes better.  A week's not much time to prepare though, so we're both pretty apprehensive about it.  If he makes it the academy starts in January and he'd be getting paid as soon as that starts.  And that's 5 months long, so we'd have months to keep looking for a better job before he even hits the force.  ut I just can't bring myself to count on it.

There's also a security job open with a security agency in town that he put in for.  It should actually pay enough and be way better hours, so if that comes through we may beokay until he can find something better.  That one he may have better odds, they seemed pretty desperate for employees and the guy he talked to was a former marine.  So maybe he can get on with them.

Really we need something a.s.a.p., but if we don't fin something by mid-December we're not going to have January's rent and we'll have to move in with the in-laws. 

Of course if nothing comes up we could move in with them and hubby can use his GI Bill to go to law school in Little Rock.  The Bill pays BAH, and since we wouldn't have rent that'd cover at least my student loans and maybe some bills.  We could potentially work on paying off the creit cards.  It really makes a lot of sense financially, I just don't know if I can do it for so long.  I just don't know if I could handle living with them that long.  I just don't know, I really don't want it to come to that, I know DH will put the decision on me and I don't want to be selfish and tell him I don't want to even try.  But I honestly don't know if I can handle living there!

Ugh.  I just hope something comes up.  Please Lord, just give us the opportunities to make this work . . .

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