1.  my family is the most important thing to me

2.  i love and miss my momma very much

3.  my babies r the world 

4.  i have one sister who i love dearly

5.   but was blessed to be given great sis in laws that i love too 

6.  no brothers, but a bro in law that defintly made up for all those missed yrs, lol luv u gabe 

7.  my dad is pretty funny and i guess that's were i get it from

8.  and yes i do have a great sense of humor no matter what adam says 

9.  i love my knight

10. he saved me 

11. not once but over and over 

12. would be lost with out him

13. i was suppose to be a boy

14. and they were gonna name me andy

15. didnt like the name they gave me

16. so i changed it to annie

17. i love to read 

18. the twilight saga is one of my favs 

19. the movies r good but the books r better  

20. may not have an edward, but i've got my knight!

21. fav poem is footprints 

22. i love my tennie shoes 

23. even wore white tennie shoes at my wedding :)

24. dresses r for special occasions 

25. i'd rather be in jeans and a tshirt

26. love my long hair

27. but am constantly cutting it?

28. the smell of cinnamon makes me nauseous 

29. will never drink hot damn again :P

30. yeah i made it to 30!

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Nov. 15, 2010 at 12:35 AM

Love it, thanks for sharing... I hope you dont mind it I borrow this but do mine...

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