I am sick of holding my tongue. I have been tring to keep the peace to no avail his family are nasty lil creepers that make me sick. I love him with all my life and soul and i am tired of hearing about his mother saying this that and the other about me.IT IS NOT MY FAULT that he grew up and feel in love it is not my fault that he loves me cooking for him. I did nothing to  you b-h just stop. I'm tired of hearing how you have said this that and the other about me.I am tied of feeling like I'm in a high school popularity contest with you you is 48 years old stop acting like a little fucking girl. I am tired of hearing you talk about that poem he wrote for you that was before me And its not like I said that you cou.ldnt live with us. You choose to fight with me at ever chance you got. I am so f-g sorry that you no longer have your little boy to constantly move around with. I figure if you are as great a mother as you claim to be you would care more about your son being happy with me and not the fact that you are going to be alone forever moving from place to place. YOU where the one that assumed I wouldnt let you live with us, you where the one that assumed i was nothing but a B***H. I guess you thought that you could get away with whatever you wanted to and he would never say anything or that we would forgive you. Hell no!!!! I dropped what you did to be a good mother because i thought that you would like to spend time with your grandson and he with you. you accept it as that but what do you do

 when you came over didnt even care about seeing our son just your son. when we ask you if you would like to spend time with our son all we get is guilt all the time the 1 1 time you do watch him all we can get is 2 fu-ing hours. you sat there talking crap before about how R mother does this to L and then you turn around and do the same thing to my son who has no grandmother here. then you try to tell us that its my fault if you didnt f-g attack me then you wouldnt be in this mess. I was holding my tongue with every little nasty thing you said about me. YOu spend damn near everyday with L but what do E get nothing then after I once again try to cut the fuse you lite you sit there and try to guilt dustin into letting you see him. Me and him both know that all you care about in this household is your son and since you cant give me respect and treat my son at least half as good as you treat L then you have No right to see anyone. I am done trying to keep peace I am done letting you eat at me i am done beating my self up over why you don't like me and I am most of all done with you not caring about my son. he is a blessing to us and if you cant see that then you dont deserve to take part in our blessing

I cant believe Im actually  crying while writing ITs not like she ever see it or care that this is how I feel

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