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Each week Cafemom Group Resource Center showcases groups in one of up to five categories. New Groups, Expert Groups, Friendship Groups, Rising Stars and our Group Challenge winner. 
Here are the great groups we shared in GRC recently.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Moms Inc. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Expert Group of the Week: Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Moms Inc. Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

Welcome to Moms Inc! Are you in need of a friend, some support or just want to have some fun? Well you have come to the right place! We have some wonderful Ladies in this group who are more than willing to lend you an ear when you need someone to talk to or you need a shoulder to cry on! We are always looking for new members who are wanting to make new friends, share their time and knowledge with the group or just hang out and have some fun! So, if making news friends and having a good time interests you...come on in!! Bring your friends with you! We would love to have them! Make sure to stop by the General Discussion post and tell us a little bit about yourself, then join us in the game forum for your chance to win a prize!!

We invited group owner, Lisa,  to tell us here at GRC what is the secret to her group's success. She had this to say, "Our members are a family. They are there for each other through the good times and the bad. When someone is in need of advice or a shoulder to cry on, there will always be someone there and they know it. We listen to each other and do what we can to ease someone's pain or celebrate the wonderful moments in their lives."

Bully Free CafeMom's

New Group of the Week: Bully Free CafeMom's

This is a resource group connecting Bully Free places and people inside CM with each other!
Be the change you want to see in the world! We took that challange head on by committing personally and in our groups to be Bully Free CafeMom's!
All it takes is a few caring people to make real change in the world. Like Margaret Mead says, "that's all who ever have." We are those people! Be part of the solution!
There will still be people who will bully, but we will make a stand for a difference by starting with ourself!
Come inside to meet other Bully Free CafeMom's and find CM Bully Free groups!
Be the change! Be the solution! Join the CafeEvolution! Commit yourself and your groups to be Bully Free Zones!
By joining you are agreeing to abide by our Guidelines to maintain this as a Bully FreeZone. Those disrespecting this will be respectfully removed without question.
*This is not an ofiicial CM organized effort, but a personal effort born from the bottom of my heart.

MaitriTracks, the group's owner was kind enough to share with GRC what she thinks her members get out of her group. "A safe place. I'd love members to be able to find the resources and connections they need to plug into and create their own safe place inside of CM. It would be great to arm members with knowledge so that stand strong in confidence with determination to rise above the negative to see more clearly how much more positive there is here - and to put a big, huge, glaring spotlight on that positive!"

Marriage, Mental Health and Addictions

Rising Star of the Week: Marriage, Mental Health and Addictions

This group is to support those of us who are either married or in a relationship with someone we truly love, but that thier addictions and mental health are so overwhelming. These addictions can be sexual, internet, coffee, substance abuse, pornography, lying, violent etc....We have also dealt with their mental/physical illness that are the greater part of this addiction. I welcome all of you to share the suffering we must endure when being faced with tough decisions of whether we want to stay. Support each sister here in the times of challenge. This is a safe and wonderful place to know that we can all show support.
My group does not allow bashing of any sort, but to have empathy for what each individual is enduring in their marriage/relationship. Help advise each other on a road to recovery for each of us. Showing each other the courage to overcome way our love ones treat us. Many of us are so insecure, unsure, doubtful, depressed, feel worn and beaten.
Please share and let us try to help you through the time in need.
God has a plan for all of us. We are worthy, loved, cherished, adored and beautiful because our Father in heaven tells us so.

Recently GRC was able to find out how GO Saprena views the purpose of her group. 'I love cafemom and it's members! We bring a sense of "self" here and with the safety of knowing that we share amoung our gender peers. It is so wonderful for us to destress ourselves from everyday life here. Connecting with others and creating bonded friendships and sisterhoods. This is why I am here and this too is why my group has been designed."

Signature Obsession

Signature Group of the Week: Signature Obsession

Where making signatures is more than a hobby its an Obsession.
We offer a great deal of fun things for everyone.!
We of course will take request and make you that special Siggy made just for you!
We have a great group of ladies who's work is nothing less than amazing.
We have Tag Offers that are up for you to request.
We have Snaggables.
We have Extras and Days of the week sets for you to snag.
Made ONLY by our creative team.
And our favorite the open Chit Chat thread,Where we all talk and get to know each other.
Its a very laid back and friendly environment and fun for everyone.
So come on over and give our group a chance to show you just how awesome of an experience getting a signature made can truly be.
We are a copyright compliant group!

Gwen, the owner of this group, took a few moment to share with GRC how she her group cam ein to being. "Well I started out designing for myself and my sister in law in a small yahoo group we had just for family. About 4 1/2 years ago.And quickly became obsessed with it. Found a couple of friends who also loved to designing and they introduced me to cafemom. Which I fell in love with. It has everything a mom can ask for from what brand diapers are best to an awesome chili recipe. And quickly discovered that I had a talent in creating signatures that moms wanted. So that's where it all began for me on cafemom. In January 2008 I created Signature Obsession and it is truly one of the best things I have ever done. I have some of the most wonderful kind hearted best friends that a woman can ask for. And I have Signature Obsession to thank for bringing us together. I have a passion for designing and a love for helping out fellow moms who cant create their own signatures. Cant imagine NOT doing this every day."


Friendship Group of the Week: THE DOLLHOUSE♥

We're positive, kick ass girls who aren't a bunch of prudes and do talk openly about everything. If this is something you cannot handle- then I suggest you don't bother applying. This is not like most groups that are always trying to gain a lot of members to build up "Popularity" here on CM. We want members who are active and stay that way, anyone who "lurks" or doesn't come in here on a normal basis WILL get deleted. We try to keep a strong bond going in here- so it wont come as a surprise that we don't have open arms for drama mama's.
On that note- this is a DRAMA FREE GROUP. We know not everyone will agree but we do ask that you state your opinions with RESPECT! We are all adult here.
If someone chooses to go against this, We have NO problem removing them from the group all together. Then you miss out on being in a kick ass group with awesome people because you felt like being a doucheツ
Our group is a place we come and share everything going on in our lives. Such as the important things from pregnancies, engagements, marriages, divorces, and the loss of loved ones. Other topics we discuss can be pretty random, such as the 30% chance we MAY change our hair color in the next year and then post 6 pictures of possible hair colors we might choose from ツ

 In a recent conversation Twinboysmom22 told GRC how she keeps her group focused on building friendships. "Our main focus is based on friendships. Our goal is to make our girls happy and to have fun.  To have it be our getaway place with no drama. We aren't only friends on CM we are friends in real life too, so we take the group to heart. We have even had a few meetups with girls, and continue making plans for more.  ... We are welcoming to the girls.  Making sure we get to know the girls and who they are .We don't look at them as just a new number for the group.  We have many games, contests, posts, and mentors to help each member who joins.  Each girl gets the same treatment as any other.  What you put into the group is what you get out of it. We know each other on a first name basis, we like to have that closeness in the group."

Cafemom Group Resource Center is a group designed to bring together Group Owners, Group Admins and Group Members, interested in helping Cafemom Groups run more smoothly. Admin team members can always find us in the Help and Resources section of your red Admin Tools.
In this group you will find good information and great friends.
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