They're BACK... SBRN Cooperative and Expo Connector Events is bringing you our 8th Annual LIVE Black Friday and Cyber Monday Events.

Shop from the Stress Free environment of home at Our

STOP The INSANITY Black Friday Event Nov. 26th.
Slamming Cyber Monday Event  Nov. 29th

Noon - 1pm EST is an OPEN Meet and Greet.
Party Starts at 1pm - 10pm EST

Free Goodies for all those there at 1pm till 1:30pm EST for the Event.

Games, Prizes and Lots of Fun.

Members will be on hand with their BEST Deals you will not get any other day.

Holiday ebook downloads for our Guests.

Shopping at home save time, gas, stress and you help support other home business owners like Yourself.

We have a Shopping Portal open 24/7
Shop there Friday for Special Deals.

Then Attend the LIVE Event and Join the fun or event better deals.

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