I was originally on babygaga, I found it because I was looking for baby tickers. However it quickly became more drama than I could handle and having people reply with snark because they feel they are queens of a website got old fast. But I did like the idea of talking with other mom`s online. So I did a Google search for `something like babygaga but with less drama`and the first thing that came up was cafemom.

I love this site. It is easy to navigate and understand. I like that there are groups so you can join with people of the same interests. The questions area saved me when Ronin was first born. I love that the games are all in 5 min sets so when you say òk I am just going to play for 10 min` you don`t suddenly look up and realize that you have been playing for an hour.

I am so happy I have found this site and I have some wonderful friends I because of it.

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