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 love mom because she is my mom but I get so upset with her. I tell her things about Athena and the only thing she has to say is that, "that was you." I guess I was found in the snow when I was three screaming and asleep. Athena had a night tare and was climbing out of her crib still asleep. I never slept threw the night and still don't. Athena plays in her crib almost all night. I didn't want to crawl and athena just started walking and never crawled. Okay mother my daughter has Fragile X and from what you are telling me I'm just like her so doesn't that just tell you that I too could have some form of it too. Don't you get it. All the times I said I need help and even the teachers said that there was something wrong and you did nothing and I'm doing everything to help my daughter. Can't you see anything besides yourself anymore. I'm so angry at times with her and my father and I just want to scream and cry. I had to write this down. Thank you for leting me vent.


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Nov. 15, 2010 at 3:51 PM

(((hugs))) Moms can drive us crazy, and kids drive us Moms crazy...guess we all drive eachother crazy!! LOL (for ME it's a short trip LOL)

What is Fragile X, though?

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