Okay so i am reading this report friday i think it was maybe thursday..o who knows my days are off..so anywho...I'm reading it..written by our special help lady in our case..anywho...and i cannot help but laugh and laugh and laugh at some of the stuff they came up with..(the other party) it was sooo funny and really i had to stop reading it and make a phone call ...just to make sure other's knew it was crap too...lol..so i get back to reading it and start crying...appperently i realize how devestating this was in the end...the end of this report says the other parent has no comment on anything to do and shows no interest in this child....IT FRICKEN BROKE MY HEART...To think that here this women is and she just showed no interest on what she even suggest's is okay with her daughter..HER BLOOD...her first born..i guess i never really realized how she really didn't care up until i read it...i can not imagine how this child feels to know this..im sure she will read this letter eventually that her gaurdian's got and will see the no effort from her own mother..part...i just don't understand how you can sit there  behind everyone and let them do whatever they want to your own child..i understand the past is the past but now after all this time you could have a chance to do things right and you just don't even try to fight for your own blood...idk..maybe i will never understand..because i know i would fight and fight for my children no matter what always...and we are fighting now ..it's been a long process but it will all be worth it in the end...

so anywho after much consideration we have desided that phase 2 is almost complete with the visitation and then on to step 3 and 4 and then 5...god we are about to be in court alot..but it's all worth it...i will be happy when my husband is happy ...when he get's to see his daughter and let her know how much he loves her and always has no matter what ...when she is able to know that she is always a part of this family and she is always welcomed home with us...i just pray that one day her mother will wake up and see what she has missed and what she has done wrong and maybe then she will see how this has affected her in life...i pray for her..i truly do...i may never understand her but i will pray!

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