Getting ready to get your Santa Photos taken? is a great way to send these photos in a Chrismas Card and save money...


HERE IS WHAT OUR COMPANY DOES FOR YOU..."print it, seal it, stamp it, and mail it"...just like you sent it yourself!!!Our cards cost only 93 cents plus the cost of a stamp and are mailed through our online system...just for you. Here's what you do...if you purchase the DVD when you have your child's Santa photo taken, simply upload to this site and send your photos in a greeting card which is mailed by us..easy as that!!  Or, if you don't purchase the DVD..simply scan your photo(s) and do the same..upload, personalize your card and it will be sent to your desired destination...This can also be done using any photos you wish to use for your card, such as a family Christmas photo.  Our cards are sent all over the world and cost much, much less than purchasing cards through a store. And our holiday cards make for wonderful keepsakes...


This is a private, secure site and only you will have access to it. For 6 years,  we have been sending cards this way "all year long" ... Contact me to find out how you can pay less and send a wonderful keepsake to family and friends. There are many options to having your own personal account with many more features not to mention a wide variety of wonderful, inexpensive gifts in order to send greeting cards all year long. I guarantee you will ABSOLUTELY love it and use it forever...just like we do. Please respond to my link listed below or my e-mail address

 if this is something you would like to know more about .... (it costs you nothing to at least look at it) ... I am thrilled to share this with you and you will also see that this is a perfect way to earn money from home should you like to learn more about the business.


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