Runaway With Me, Alice

Into My Imagination

"How did you find my house ..."

He just stares at me. I am hiding half way behind the door, gripping it till my knuckles turn white. My breathing is heavy, my eyes blood-shot. Its obvious I don't want him there.

"I asked you a question." I whisper, swallowing when I hear how hollow my own voice sounds. He blinks, confused at my question.

"Charliegh, don't you remember?"

My turn to look confused.

"We live right next door, remember?"

I shake my head. He just stares at me, and I shift in self consciousness. I feel like he can see straight into my soul, and that thought sends a shiver of fear through me. He gives me a soft smile, stepping up to my door. I step back and position myself to slam the door.

Please leave, I don't want to see you." I whisper harshly. Hoping the tone of my voice makes it clear that I don't want him there on my porch, ...or near me. And with that I slam the door in his face. I turn and lean against it, breathing heavily as if I had just run a mile race. I tilt my head to side and press my ear to the door, listening for any sounds of Tom leaving. But, something else catches my attention. Sniffling.. Is Tom crying? I push off the door and stand on my tip toes to peak out the small window. I watch as he wipes, angrily, at his eyes. Small tears glistening in the sunlight as he turns around and begins to walk down the front steps. He glances back and I can see the dirty streaks running down his face. My heart tightens up in my chest, and I suddenly feel bad for turning him away. I sigh and turn back around. I can't handle this feeling. I can't handle seeing him again. Any of them. I just... can't. But the worst part is, I'm not even to sure why...

I let my eyes drift shut as I wait for mom to return from where ever it is she has lost herself. My mind keeps wandering back to Tom, and the tears in his eyes after I had shut the door. My heart tightens up again and I grunt.

Stop it” I whisper to the air. “Stop this, stop feeling this way. Remember, they left you. They stopped caring about you, so stop caring about them...” The front door suddenly shuts and I start. I shake my head and crane my neck to see my mom shuffle down the little hall and out to the kitchen. The scent of her perfume leaves a comforting trail behind her and I smile softly at the comforting feeling it gives me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



A 13 year old Charliegh yells as she runs next door. She barrels through the yard and towards her best friend's garage. She skids to a halt as the sounds of music prickle her ears. Her eyes fall shut, and she sways softly, before shaking herself from the small trance and begins running again. She stops, again, when her feet land her inside the garage of Bill and Tom.

"Charliegh!" Bill calls out sweetly, not so shocked to see his other best friend. He drops the microphone he had previously been singing into and bounces over to her.

"Oh mien gott, how are you!!" He bubbles out, reaching out to hug her tightly to his body. She cringes a little as he wraps her up in, what should have been, a comforting hug. Pain sparks through her and she winces from the shock. Her heart stops in her chest and she begins to panic, hoping that he hadn't noticed her reaction.

"Charliegh, you alright?" He asks, concerned laced in his soft, tender voice.

"Yeah Billi, I'm fine." By now, her pressence in the small space has caught the attention of the three remaining boys. Tom sets his guitar down and walks over, gently laying his hand on her shoulder and pulling the corner of her shirt down, exposing the forming swell of a bruise. He sighs, then softly whispers;

"Charliegh, did he hurt you again?"

The tears she had been fighting since the incident happened finally break through and begin to roll down her cheeks. Her shoulders shake as she silently sobs in her spot. Bill's eye flicker over her small, frail body, and then over to his twin. His own eyes matching the helplessness they both feel. He knows the truth, the reason she is crying. But he feels likes there is nothing he can do to stop the pain. To save her from the life she is living. They have promised to protect her. To keep her safe. Once she has calmed herself enough to stand up she does. "I'm so sorry" she whispers. Tom looks at his twin and they share equally hurt glances. Bill lifts her quivering chin up.

"Never, NEVER be sorry for what that monster does to you. YOU have never done anything to deserve it." She shakes her head furiously back and forth.

"No Bill, I do. I get in trouble. I make him mad. I get in his way. And when I do, I need to be punished." The three friends have seemingly forgotten they were alone. The sound of a clearing throat causes them all to turn their heads.

"Oh sorry guys. Georg, Gustav, meet Charliegh." Charliegh smiles small at the two older boys. They both share equally confusing expressions.. Tom, gently, takes the both by the arms and guides them aside.

"Thats the girl we told you about. Our best friend." They both form 'O's with their mouths. "Please, don't say anything. We are still trying to find a way of getting her out."

"Where is her mom?"

"Charliegh once said something about her being away on business. That what she does causes her to leave a lot. So she is never home."

"...Does her mom know." "

No! ...And Charliegh refuses to tell her. She is afraid that it will break her family apart." Both the older boys nod and promise to keep Charliegh's secret safe. Once Tom gets the needed promise that he is satisfied with, they join her and Bill again.

"You alright?" Gustav asks.

"Yes, I am now. Thank you." She feels safe now. She's with her best friends. They'll keep her safe ...

Flashback Ends.

I sit up suddenly, the feeling of something not right sitting in the pit of my stomach. I frantically throw my shoes on and run for the back yard. I head over to the Oak tree and began to search, feeling along the peeling bark. I run my hand along the bark before something stops me. There, in front of my eyes, was a carving. I don't know how I know about it, but I did. I pull the bark back slightly to reveal three sets of initials. TK BK and CD .

"Oh my .." My hand covers my mouth as I recognize the initials. They are mine, Tom's and Bill's. I begin to look around, REALLY look around, spinning in a circle. This whole place seems so familiar. And what Tom said earlier .. it is all started to make sense to me now. This place .. I still can't completely place it. But I've been here before. I put my hands to my temples, gently rubbing them. All this thinking is causing a tension headache.

I head back to the house, slightly annoyed with myself. I walk past my mom, completely ignoring her, I walk to my room, flop back onto my bed, and close my eyes. I'm tired from fighting with myself, that I don't care to remove my shoes. I just need, and want sleep. I let my eyes slip shut as soon as my head hits the pillow. As I lay there, letting the feeling of floating set in, I get the sudden notion that I'm being watched. I scrunch my eyebrows together, but I am to tired to get up and look out my windows. I don't bothering to check around like I normally would. If I would have, I would have seen a sorrowful filled pair of eyes, watching me from my balcony. Those eyes belonging to someone I once truly cared for and visa verse. Someone who used to be my whole life, along with his brother. That someone being ...


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Nov. 15, 2010 at 11:34 PM

This one was very sad...but I know it is just part of building the story up...but still very sad cant wait for the happy!

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