Well, my baby isn't a baby anymore. He's a big boy, he had his first day of preschool today!!

The teacher said he was making friends easily and had such a great day! He didn't even need the high chair during breakfast or lunch time. He sat at the table on the bench like the other kids did and was wonderful, she said. The first thing she said in his notebook (for the teacher and I to communicate in) was "I love your little boy!" And in an email earlier today she had said he was such a cutey pie too. That of course makes any mommy feel good inside, right?!!

She said she was amazed at his receptive language skills. He understands everything you say to him he just has problems getting things out in an understandable way. She said he was eagar to talk and even imitated her at times, so that's good! He even laughed at a puppet during their field trip to  the library!

During play time he bumped heads with another little boy and bit his lip good. She said he ran right over to her crying and once he was calmed down and wiped up, he was fine. He's bit his lip many a time at home so he'll be fine! It's a little red still and not too puffy, might be sore another day or two though. But mouth cuts heal quickly.

I'm so proud of him though, he was such a good boy and had fun (from how it sounds). The teacher even wrote "I think he likes us!" And that was super cute! But he's friendly, he likes just about everyone!!

I even did really well today. Dh came with us to drop him off this morning, I teared up when we said our goodbyes and then after I dropped dh at home I went to WalMart for more yarn for the baby's blanket that I am making. I cried a little bit on the way there after glancing at his car seat in the back, twice. It was so weird not having him with me and it kind of felt wrong, so I got upset. Other than that I did good!! I'm proud of me too :)

He didn't nap at school, which dh and I knew wouldn't happen. So he was quite exhausted by bedtime. He got a bath, then got dressed in his jammies and brushed his teeth. Then after he said goodnight to daddy, we went upstairs and read his reading log book. Then I said goodnight and he was totally passed out probably within 10 minutes of me turning off his light! Good thing we moved his bedtime up to 8 pm on school nights. On weekends he can stay up til 8:30 like he had been. But...with no nap and such a busy and active day, 8 pm is late enough when he's got school the next day! If he sleeps until at least 6, he'll get 10 hours tonight (roughly). 

Now I am going to work on the baby blanket for maybe an hour and then take my butt to bed. I am exhausted as well!!!

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