even though things were always strained i chose to try and stay in my marriage for the kids sake, and for the history between me and my husband, but when he said he wanted out, i knew that there was no point it fighting the situation as it was set to happen at some point. we were pretty civil, discussing the move and how we were going to handle things to make it as easy on the kids as it could be. i checked the kids out of school they were excited to move with me to paris, and me and the two oldest kids were busy packing everything, while he took the two little ones to spend time with them before we left. then that last day, he said he wasn't giving them back, and so i haven't seen or heard from my two babies in nearly 2 months and it is killing me! i have only been away from them for a week and even then, we talked daily, so this is torture. i'd rather someone murder me than do this. i dont understand how a father could hurt his kids this way either. I try to be positive and stay strong for the other kids, especially as my 8 yr old cries every night because she misses her brother and sister, but how when i'm being ripped apart?

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Nov. 16, 2010 at 9:40 AM

Honey it sounds like you guys need to have a mediator and set up visitations for all the kids for both parents. If you and the ex are civil try and talk to him about a better way to do this and for the children because regardless of the feelings you to have they are the ones being hurt the worst of all. Big Hugs.....

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Nov. 16, 2010 at 12:27 PM

i wanted to do something like that. but he just wants me to suffer. its not about the kids. from what i hear, he dont even have them. i would never try to stop them from being near him, i made sure the last time we were divorced that he saw our daughter...even more than he was supposed to. i got him out of going to jail, and other stuff. but his family hates me! and so he's doing what they say...and the ones who suffer is me and the kids! and i dont care about me, but them...its just not fair!

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