We moved last year to eastern Kansas.  We were used to the dry, arid climate of western Kansas.  You know where it rarely rains?  Well in eastern KS, it rains. A lot!  And those lovely moist conditions I have learned are perfect for breeding fleas and mosquitos.  Well Kermit's service dog and our 4 cats now have fleas.  Although we were using Frontline on the dog, we missed a dose and that is all it took.  About a month ago, the fleas that were infecting our yard, decided to move inside. Our indoor cats became infested.  I tried fleas spot treatment stuff, flea powder, flea spray and carpet powder.  And yes I tried a flea bath. Now when you picture a flea bath for a cat, you can imagine all sorts of different situatiions.  Let me explain how each cat responded.  

Fuzzy is long haired and omg covered in fleas.  She sits in the tub and glares at me as i scrub, comb and rinse her.  

Blackie is short haired and she meows and sometimes tries to bolt.

Dusty is short haired and he pretty much just sat there.

Then there is Blue.  That cat tried to kill me. He is 10 lbs and a Russian Blue.  He did not want nothing to do with that bath.  Has swiping my face, arms and whatever else he could grab. At one point he grabbed my arm in what I would discribe as a intense hug.  Claws were embedded.  I yelled for my husband and came and when he tried to dislodge Blue from me, Blue sank his teeth into my husbands hand.  I dread ever bathing this cat again. 

Now yesterday we cleaned the entire house and sprayed the house with Ortho.  It will also kill the spiders we seem to attract.  We used a flea comb on cats and toss the fleas into a baggie and tossed them in the dumpster.  But the one thing we did not do was check Dara(thedog)  We had checked her last week and she was bug free.  But we missed her monthly dose of Frontline and this morning she was scratching before Kermit's bus came.  I rolled her over, because she is a black lab and her tummy is easier to see.  She had fleas.  Crap!  A service dog can't go to school with fleas.  My son cried as he walked out to the bus, he wanted his dog.  I told him I would give her a flea bath and bring her to him.  I took my daughter to school ran up to the vet for more Frontline.  Then came home and helped my DH finish washing Dara. Dang the needed a bath.She was dirty.  She only had a few fleas, so luckily we caught her before she got bad.  I took her up to Kermit and talked to his teacher suggesting the janitor spray the area Dara lays, just in case.  

I am hoping we are on top of this. But I have come to the conclusion that we need to get a bug person to come spray our house and yard. Especially come spring. I HATE FLEAS!!!

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Nov. 16, 2010 at 11:21 AM

fleas are my enemy too....my dog gets one and I freak, good luck with your battle!!

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