So I am going to keep this journal day to day hopefully to keep track of my weight loss journey and so other can see what did or did not work for me.

I have decided I would like to loss 100lbs in one year, I am going to start with diet change and habit changes. For my first week I will start getting up 15 minutes earlier to do a work out on my bike and then I will do a 15 minute video work out in the evening sometime before bed.

I will also start checking each meal item for serving sizes and I will start weighing my food and eatting a 3000 calorie diet. I know 3000 calories are a lot. I already eat a lot of calories so if I find I can easily eat less I will but I don't want to starve myself I want to slowly eat less and less until Iam at 2000-1500 calories as day.

I will begin next Monday (11/22) I am going to spend the rest of this week learning about portions and servings sizes and getting my bike set up and finding some work out routines to use in the evening.

I will keep this updated as often as possible, I am also a full time student. Taking 15 credit hours and a full time mom of course so sorry if I miss some days.

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