A farmer was on his rounds to feed his animals.  He went towards the barn and threw a big haybail into the cow's pen.  The other animals were all watching, and the farmer left.  The cow said moo, ...and in *animal talk*-- he mooed ..." Hey ! Would you all like to have some hay? "'

 The chicken said ''bawk, bawk, baaaawwwwk ! The pig said oooaaank, oooaaank, !!!!  (really heavy on the O part) The horse said ney, ney, neeeeyyy!!! 

 The farmer came back and threw another bail of hay.  The cow ate and chewed and mooed. He asked again,..."do any of you animals want some hey?"   The chicken said'' baaawwwwwk !!  Pig said OOOOAANK !!! and Horse said NEYYYYYY!

 The farmer came back again with 3 more bails, and again and again, until the entire pen was so filled with hay that the cow couldn't eat any fast enough, and he (cow) finally said, "' for the last time, animals, do you want some of this hay to eat?"   They all looked at each other and murmered and mumbled and then looked up and saw the farmer return one more time, ....so all at once the animals took a breath and paused,...and screamed really loud....  HEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 

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