Hello, my name is Nikki and I have four children.  My oldest son was shot back in April of this year, it was an accidental shooting with a 22 rifle in the left shoulder blade, just missing his heart, so you must know how I feel.  We have been thru 2 surgeries already and have to go thru a final one.  He has no use of his left arm/hand as of yet.  He had 3 nerves that were damage and 1 of them was severly damaged so he needs this surgery in order to get full use of his arm back.  He just turned 18 in October and he has a baby due in January that he wants to hold and he is afraid if this doesn't happen before January, he will not get to hold his baby by himself.  He is really excited about the baby, so I have an Avon Rep. helping me with a fundraiser to get up enough money to be able to have this surgery.  We have to go out of state for it cause there is no one in Florida that can do this type of surgery.  Please help if you can, I am including the url for the website and the promo code is "Vince", the url for the website is below...

http://ksmith7578.avonrepresentative.com/online_event  Thank you for your time, have a great week!

Nikki Savage



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