I can't wait for Christmas to get here!! We've bought 4-wheelers for the kids and I'm so excited!!  We didn't buy them new, they needed a little work but with new paint, they look new, and besides, my kids won't care.  We already have 2 4-wheelers but they can't ride them by themselves, so I'm really really excited for them!!!  We don't buy random toys and stuff, we decided last year that it would be easier to have a theme every year and stick to buying things that relate to it.  Last year they all got new coats, hats, gloves and snow pants, and then we surprised them Christmas morning with beginner snowboards and took them snowboarding for the weekend.  They had sooo much fun!!!  This year, as you can guess, is 4-wheelers.  They're getting the 4- wheelers, maybe a new go-cart, depends on $, helmets, boots and some really heavy clothes and gloves. And, if we can swing it, a trip to try out their new toys!!! They'll get other stuff from the fam, but thats pretty much what they'll get from us.  I love Christmas!!!

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