I have been under the weather the last few days. Still trying to do things, but my body is just not wanting to take a bike ride, even though the weather is nice for November. On top of everything, my head feels fuzzy, thoughts are just not as exquisite or focused. Worse, yet, i just feel worn down and feel depressed. I know its mostly because Im sick. Just hate it. Sweated alot today. Maybe i am finally feeling better. I try to be chipper but it's just not happening. Spent time making calls, to those I needed to, for work/volunteer. Spent time looking and making contacts for shopping for a vehicle. I got my heart set on a vehicle and then negativity sets in and wonder if its going to be a good vehicle, someone else going to get it, or if its going to break down. I seriously, hate feeling sick ...it takes a toll on my overall attitude. Got a pot roast in the crock pot. That makes it somewhat easier. My girls still got to eat. I love them so much. Wish i had a man around to pamper me...lol, i know that will pass, once Im feeling better. I just can't seem to stand being on the computer as much lately because i just can't focus. My thoughts are blah...lol.

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