My mom came down this weekend to spend it with me and bring me the crib.  Well friday went ok, we put up the crib put all the bedding in it. Saturday she could care less all she cared about was that she was going to dinner that night with her friend that lives close by.  Then she left at 730am sunday morning.  I feel like she kind of used visiting with me just to go see her friends.  She kept saying how excited she was for them to meet her new boyfriend.  A few months ago at my wedding she up set me too, becuase she didn't even care that I was getting married it was about who she was going to bring as a date to my wedding.  She didn't even get us a card or anything for the wedding and she didn't pay for anything at all or even offer.  When I asked her if she was going to come stay with me and help me when the baby is born like she did for my brother and sister her respons was well why dont you just come up here after the baby is born. She would rather the baby not get us to it's own home and be away from it's father then have to inconvince her.  Then while she was here for the weekend end she said to me just to let you know I wont be getting you anything for the baby.  I was so pissed she spent so much money on all my brother and sister kids but my son gets nothing at all I'm so done with her I dont know what to do anymore.

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