What if you wanted to start your own business today?

Do you realize the amount of money you would need…in order to start your own business?...in today’s economy?
Look at what you receive when you pay your enrollment fee of $1 at Melaleuca.
We have everything you need for you to start your own business… RIGHT NOW!
WHAT IF, for $1, you could buy into a billion dollar infrastructure.

WHAT IF, for $1, you could be a partner with an established 25 year old company that is privately owned, debt free, and has a proven track record?
Your $1 gets you the security and stability of a 25 year old company.
The average life span of a multi-level company is 3 to 5 years.
We are not multi-level.
There is no such thing as “a ground floor” with Melaleuca.

WHAT IF, for $1,, you had access to 350 products that are superior quality to products in the health food stores, and grocery store name brands?
Our product prices are equal or less expensive than grocery store named brands., and without all the side effects of the pharmacy brands.

WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to a staff of 600 employees located at 2 call centers to service your customers and to take your orders?
There is no inventory loading, selling products, or billing customers in your new business. 
WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to a company that will take your orders and do the deliveries?
We have a Customer Service team that will service your clients…your referrals.
WHAT IF, for $1 your referrals could transform into "monthly ongoing residual income" that could change your whole financial future?
WHAT IF, for $1  your pension plan could be increased without risk, allowing you to maintain a great quality of life during retirement?

Get the picture?

WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to some of the finest scientists in the world…proven science, not folklore, working on your behalf?
You can partner with the world’s top scientist that are doing the research and developing products so you can be healthier. 
You have access to all the benefits from our patents.
WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to 1 million square foot of manufacturing and distribution center?
WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to $120 million of computer systems to process orders, send the money to banks, run business reports and print you commission checks?
WHAT IF, for $1, you had a team of lawyers working to protect your business?
WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to all the legal permits required to operate in your country and other countries?
WHAT IF, for $1,, you had access to literature, magazines, and a Marketing Department working to promote your business?
WHAT IF, for $1, you had access to a Regional staff that are committed to work with you to build a successful business?
If you could have access to all of this for $1…would you say that’s a good investment? 
That’s literally what we’re offering. 
And we are talking about a refundable $1 decision.
The only thing you have to do is refer customers to Melaleuca.  
Two things you need to do for your business to grow is develop a Contact List and try to call somebody once a day. 
After that...do the other 5, simple, easy Business-Building Activities.
The only thing you need to do is to make sure that you kept doing it, doing it, and doing it. 
I cannot imagine why that would not make sense to anybody who wants to start their own business. 
The world needs Melaleuca now more than ever.   
I want to invite you to make a commitment to yourself to move your business forward.  
It’s no more difficult than what I just explained.
Do the presentations, work with your teams, and let’s do something really, really great. 
We are talking about real residual income.
Don’t let anybody stand in your way.
I will tell you, you do not have to participate in this recession. 
You can choose to keep your family out of this recession. 
You can choose to move ahead. 
Take charge of your life and create your own financial future with Melaleuca. 
We are building a tremendous solid foundation. 
We will continue to plan to build something really, really great. 

Your Future Starts Right Now!!!!!!!

The $29 one time fee has been changed to $1 during November 16-30th ONLY. Take advantage of this awesome special and get your business started Today! Make some extra cash just in time for Christmas and build your business and Future!


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