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butterflies fly away...

i have to say for being on my own with three kids and a job. i somehow make it work. my hubby left for Australia and i have had to figure school, after school activities, preschool, daycare and my job! lots and lots! but i am handling it just fine.. we are such a great team together. it is nice though to be able yo give yourself on the back for making things work even when it seems impossible.  i was so worried i wouldn't be able to do it on my own, i also watch 2 of my friends kids during the week when i don't work. just to help them out. so all in all do a lot in a day and is so used to having that support. thought i would crumble under pressure. i miss him and can't wait to see him. hope he comes home soon. really want another baby and doing this on my own makes me want one more than ever now!! hope its not to late by the time he gets back. the window gets smaller and smaller as the days pass,,,,, as my Dr. says 

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