Lower back pain treatment may be dependent on what is causing it. So before delving into lower back pain treatment, it is imperative to find out what are the causes of lower back pain. With a clear view of what may be the cause of a particular person’s lower back pain, the treatment is confident to be specific and precise. Upper back pain treatment is sure to have some similarities with those of the lower back.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain treatment is given according to what caused the back pain in the first place. The main familiar back pain causes are injuries to the back which the individual may have incurred during activity such as muscle over use or muscle strain, pressure on the nerve roots on the spine and fractures on the spine. There are many additional spinal situations which may be the causes of lower back pain but these may be uncommon.

Strain and over use of the muscles on the lower back are the most basic and the easiest to apply lower back pain treatment on. Activities that a person partakes in typically affects the spine since it makes up some part of the body’s framework and helps to keep a person upright. Pressure on the anxiety can be caused by any number of conditions such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs and spinal stenos are. The nerves receive some pressure which makes then malfunction. Fractures on the spine are quite common especially in women who have osteoarthritis. Compression fractures happen when a little bit of pressure is applied on the bones and these fracture.


Lower back pain treatment is typically started with a round of pain relievers. Over the counter pain relievers typically works well as lower back pain treatment. Examples of these are acetaminophen, paracetamol and ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is the strongest of the three lower back pain treatments but motionless can be bought over the counter. In mixture with the OTC pain relievers are hot compresses, exercises, massages and other therapies which can help as lower back pain treatment. Chronic back pain may need extensive therapy and exercises to help deal with the returning pain on the lower back.

There are some medications which can help to relieve and resolve pinched nerves which are some of the major causes of lower back pain. Some of these nerve medications work as antidepressants but also can help as lower back pain treatment

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