hello i have talked to cafe moms for days now and it helps especially being here at this hospital all the time. my daughter was born premature at 32 weeks and she has done amazing three days before we go home everything goes wrong and i just feel like fighting aint worth it no more naturally as a mom i dont give up but i feel as though no matter what i do its not good enough and to make matters worse i have four other boys at home and my mother is probably goin to run the one person i love away . i think she likes my baby daddy to my other four that i had to fight and that aint right no matter what they should stay out of it but because hes a little more suttle and dont like conflict they cause more and more in my home what do i do. i think i should go home and deal with this but i want to stay with her and wait till i can take her home. i just cant bring myself to leave knowin i dont have a way to get back and have to rely on my mother to help me and im tired of her. she always throws in my face what she does and blah blah blah. man this is like being in the soap opera huh. well noone should [ass judgment but this is stressful and im always crying and sad and now im thimkin of going back on my anit depressant that i havent taken in 8 years dude. my daughter is on my mind constantly and so is my sons but shes the baby and she needs the breast milk and care and i feel like im neglecting them and their care talk if you have answers PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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