The kids, their dad, I just lost my father and my mother is soon to follow, my siblings, my friends,my job...feeling a little overwhelmed this morning. It just seems that every aspect of my life right now is well just a big project. I feel like the only person that doesn't need my attention is me(but we all know if I don't start giving myself some, then all these things are in trouble), I would just like to have the ability to call in sick for the day from all of this, maybe rent a hotel room and just watch tv all day (something I would never do), I need a recharge do you carve one out??

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 8:11 AM

There are times when we just have to keep going, when there is no time to rest and recharge.  Those are the times when I find the most strength in my relationship with God Who promised to give me strength for the day.  And He always does!

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