Hello~ My name is Stephanie. God bless you in the reading and studying of HIs Word. Remember the Bereans!

**The one thing that I want to encourage you is to read the scriptures that are mentioned in this study.  Look them up in the Bible. By reading these scriptures, they will take you on the most awesome journey in your life. Look up scripture witnesses to these scriptures. For instance, the first scripture that you will see mentioned below is Hebrews 11:6.  Here is a site that will give you all kinds of resources for just this one verse.



   Also, here is a commentary by Chuck Smith on Hebrews 11 that, if you will take the time to read, it will also be of benefit to you! You may want to look up the commentary for the other scriptures that will be included in the study.But know most importantly, that it is the Holy Spirit Who will guide you into all truth. He will teach you~ Trust Him as you embak on this awesome journey in His Word~


     It has been quite a journey in studying the Word of God. There have been times where I have listened to others and because someone said that they are a pastor or have another title that seems to be of such that I needed to hear them and not challenge them simply because of all of their degrees and proof that they, too, have been charged by God to bring forth His Word. I have been tossed to and fro in my belief system in the Word. I often times became combative in discussing the Bible because of their bringing the Word of God differently than what I believed.

    Then things began to change for me. I began to ask the Lord for direction. I am reminded in His Word to call out to Him and He will answer. He has done just that! I was thirsting for His Word. As I continued to trust in the Lord and to thirst for His Word to show me and teach me His Word as He has promised and that the Holy Spirit will teach me and show me the truth, I began to have a thirst for the truth. I saw in the scripture where the church of Berean searched out everything according to the scriptures. I was thinking, “Wow, they even checked Paul to see if he was rightly dividing the Word of God in truth. They studied!" My father who led us in a Bible study would always say to not believe a word he says about the Bible. He said that I should study myself.

    What an awesome thing to be able to really study the Word of God, not from a standpoint of taking little bitty pieces from His Word and making an argument about what we believe or not believe. I believe that when these arguments come, it then focuses on opinions and church traditions depending on the denominations.

   ****When I look at God’s Word, I first have to believe in His Word by faith.

For the scriptures say that he who cometh to God must have faith according to the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 11: 6, it says, “But without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." What is faith? In the same book of Hebrews, we see in verse 1, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Continue to read the rest of this chapter to discover others who have walked by faith. And just to think, here we are reading about these same people here in the New Testament who lived back in the days of old. Just go back to the Old Testament to  see their lives as they were unfolded. The story of Abraham was unfolded in the book of Genesis.

Here is a site that you can read the whole chapter of Hebrews 11.


And it is by faith that I believe that His Word is true; 100% true. Jesus told Thomas that blessed is he who has not seen Him, but yet believe.

     The scriptures say in the book of Psalm 14: 1a "The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God."  So, by faith, I take the Word of God as 100% correct.

   The fault doesn’t lie in the Word of God, but by those who interpret His Word. For the scriptures say in 2 Timothy 3: 16, “All scripture is given by the inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness“. As you will notice that the scripture says "ALL". That means every scripture in the Bible. This scripture is given to us by God, by His inspiration. Today, these scriptures are being used for unprofitable means. It takes FAITH to BELIEVE on these scriptures.

    On this journey, at times, I was confused because man is using it as a “Tug of War” to lay their claim on the truth on a small segment of the scriptures. Because of this, there is such divisiveness about the scriptures that we fail to see the Bible in a different light. It’s a love story. A love story from the beginning to the very end. Where man has failed, we see all through the scriptures of God's faithfulness to want to have this tremendous relationship with us and that He, through the scriptures, showed that He was going to send His Son, Jesus, to bring us back into fellowship with Him.

  **NOTE: As we read His Word, we do find Jesus all through the Old Testament as He has said in Luke 24: 44, "And he said unto them, "These are the words which I spake unto you, while I was yet with you, that all things must be fulfilled, which were written in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, concerning Me."

     He says that He loves us! I believe that! Because I have faith in God, I trust Him! By trusting in Him, I trust His Word, The Bible says in Numbers 23: 19, "God is not a man, that He should lie; neither the son of man, that He should repent: hath He said, and shall He not do it? or hath He spoken, and shall He not make it good."  

   We have faith that the lights in our home will come on through a flick of a switch. We trust in a man who tells us to our face and in the presence of many witnesses that he will stay with us through sickness and health, richer or poorer and that he will forsake all others for us. My father asked my son a very important question one day. He asked, "How do you know that your mother is your mother?" Now, if we have faith in the light switches in our homes and the man who says that he will not leave us, and that, too, may fail, what faith and trust can we put in God who says that what He will do which will not fail  us. His Word says this very thing.  In His Word, He said  that He will always be with us, "Isaiah 41: 10, "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not  Be not dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Hebrews 13: 5b, "for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

 look in the Bible to see His track record. We can see what He is demonstrating in our lives now and in the lives of others and also with those whose stories are mentioned in the Bible. We must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of them that dilligently seek Him.

Continues tomorrow! God bless!!

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