Well .. i bought one of these last night ! I had a coupon for 1.00 off and the price was at my local food city for 3.99 so it was 2.99 Plus tax .. i got the one thats suppose to last for about 2 months .. so far its been pretty nifty ! The product was easy to place in the dry , and its easy to change the bar out .. Ive only done about 5 loads of laundry so far .. but well its still working and going strong . I should have taken it out when i washed the pets blankets though because well - ewww is all im gonna say .. dryer sheets work a lot better =) . I got the outdoor fresh scent =) . Ill be back in a week or so to do an update .. to how well im like the bar .. but so far i must say - for me it is a deft buy ! Granted when we used cloth diapers - there is no way i could have used it ... i didnt even use dryer sheets though ..

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