As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, I found the following to be particularly poignant.  It is my prayer that it may help someone in her parenting endeavors.

"The Scriptures urge believers to maintain a spirit of thanksgiving to God in all circumstances.  He doesn't need our thanks, but we desperately need reminders that we are created beings dependent upon our Maker.  Acknowledging God as the Source of all things frees us from the lie that we don't need Him.

"Unfortunately, children are born with a propensity toward discontent.  Parents can help their children guard against that propensity by encouraging gratitude and explaining that we give thanks because it...

"MAKES US RICH:  The endless pursuit of more creates artificial poverty.  The discipline of gratitude, by contrast, brings natural wealth by freeing us from the snare of comparisons and unrealistic expectations.

"CURES OUR BENT:  According to apostle Paul, contentment is a discipline we learn, not a feeling we experience.  It is impossible to be truly grateful and discontent at the same moment.

"GIVES US JOY:  It has been said that the worst moment for an atheist is when he is really thankful and has no one to thank.  A major part of joy in life is expressing gratitude to the One who meets our needs.  Like helium fills a deflated balloon and lifts it to the heavens, thankfulness connects our spirits to the Source of all joy."

from Focus on the Family bulletin, November, 2010

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