Here I am, at my mom's doing laundry because we can't afford the coin op at our apartment.  I finally got my 4 month old to nap, and I'm trying to enjoy some time for myself.  At my mom's I don't have to listen to the neighbors upstairs banging and yelling.  Her house is clutter-free, smells nice, and her kitchen is full of food.  I don't feel the need to sleep all day in order to avoid tackling the mountain of dishes in my sink.  My son laughs at the dog, they get a ton of tv channels, and I can use the internet!  Funny, how so much of this seems trivial...  I should be worried about paying bills and finding the floor in my living room, but quite frankly, I just can't handle it.  Right now, my biggest concern is that I push start on the dishwasher before I leave!  Dishwasher... a luxury in life.   I should be grateful for the two beautiful, happy, healthy children in my life.  I should be gushing over my husband who loves me and adores our children.  Of course, I am, but today, I am selfishly soaking in the quiet, pressure free time at my mother's.  

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