I haven't had much luck with love and I never thought I would ever love again
I didn't think I could feel love anymore because I knew I could never win
I always thought love was something special that got better with time
but it seems people use love to get what they want, and I think that's a crime

Then I met you, my heart was filled with love and I felt like this time I could win
the thoughts of never loving again were swept away with the wind
I wanted to hold you in my arms all through the night
and kissing your lips made me feel just right

When I met you, I knew you were someone I could go places and do things with to have fun
I knew you were someone I could sit under the moon with then watch the morning sun
I just knew you would be the one I could share my hopes and everything I dreamed
I knew you would be with me forever, or that's the way it seemed

I wanted to tell you how I felt but didn't know where to begin
I just wanted to have you forever and for this to never end
Because of the way my love has gone in the past
I didn't say the words that could have made things last

If the words I love you would have made you stay
I would have said it over and over every day
But I never knew how you felt because you are so hard to read
I should have said something because you are all I need

I never saw it coming, I never knew you would run
then one day you text me and said you had found another and we were over and done
I felt sick to my stomach and wondered what had gone wrong
all I could think of is there goes my love singing the same Ole song

If I had known the last time I saw you would be the last time, I wouldn’t have let you go
if there was something I could have done different, it would have been nice to know
When I think that I will never touch your face and kiss your lips or look into your eyes
I close my eyes and see your face and all I do is cry

To never hold your hand in my hand is only just a start
to never have your heart next to my heart is tearing me apart
To never have your love seems to be following a trend
I can see this love thing will be never, all over again


(Just sharing my poems)

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Feb. 2, 2011 at 3:54 PM

great poem

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