Nobody said motherhood was easy. Why does that quote make me want to hide under my blankets in fear. I have a very active three year old who has recently started running around with his fist in the air screaming, “power to the people!” Thanks to a car insurance commercial. I roll my eyes and pray he does not do this in public. I am 35 with a three year old. I adopted him at birth. I am very proud of my child. He is very smart and lovable. But I will be the first to admit. Sometimes I wished I could change my name and run away from home.

Most of my peers have almost teenagers. Where does the time go? My friend’s kids are into sports, cheerleading, band and I find myself hard pressed to relate. I am still potty training and being serenaded every night by the sounds made up songs with the name poopie head in them. Would I change this for the world? No absolutely not. You know when I look back I realized I had my time to play and be selfish. I had my time to relate to my husband. I see this now. I want to share with you words of experience to get you through those mommy blues. You know those days where the blue crayon on the walls clash with the pink walls. So here goes.


  1. Chicken eggs do not hatch on the floor. This was one I learned by experience. My child has recently learned the full chore of opening the refrigerator. He seemed to take out 2 beautiful breakfast eggs. Broke them on my newly mopped kitchen floor and proceeded to inform me when asked what he was doing. He was hatching eggs. The yolks were perfectly still intact. Cleaning up egg goo. What a fun way to spend an afternoon. So lesson number one. Toddlers are learners.


  1. Cats can leap tall cabinets to get away from a kid. We just recently got a cat whom needed a home. She is a sweet soul. My son has carried her every position known to man. Also when she tires of him will jump on top of my top cabinets. She sits there watching us walk by. I am always saying, “Leave the cat alone.” No chance in this happening he adores her and she gets a new name everyday. I don’t get a new name. I get called mom 15,000 times a day. So lesson number two. Toddlers are pet annoyers.



  1. When the husband loves to listen to various rap songs while babysitting. Yeah, real responsible when you attend church on Sundays to get told your three year old is singing lyrics to these songs and walking up to other toddlers. “Hey baby, want some cheerios,” as if he is Casanova. Oh let me tell you every mother’s dream. Not! Lesson number three. Toddlers love music.


  1. When the house is quiet the stars are shining the moon is hanging low. You have tucked your baby in. You reflect on the fact your toddler is now peacefully sleeping. Romance begins to pursue your mind. You slip to the bedroom with your mate. Then like a magnet they just know. They come barging in the room jump in the middle of the bed. “Mommy, Daddy I had a bad dream. I need to sleep with you.” Lesson number four. Toddlers are mood killers.



I can’t help but realize when he throws his arms around my neck to hug me. When he kisses me and says, “I love you mommy.” My heart melts. Then I truly know my life as a mother is the most important fulfilling job I could ever have. Go figure.

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