I have done so many and they are all failures. To say it takes a specific type of person is so true because you have to be pushy, ruthless and selfish. here is my thing....you host a stupid party and no one shows...people book a party and nine times out of ten you only get a small order and you have quotas or the crap cost too much. Let's face it people...why go through someone when we can go to wal-mart, target, roses, k-mart and other places and get the stuff we want? The only thing I have found worth while is Avon's makeup but because it is cheap not because it is good. If I am going to buy expensive makeup I will just go to the mall and not have to wait two weeks for my order to get in then to find out it irritates my skin then what??? wait another two weeks? please I don't have the time or money. I am so over the hype about it all. If I can get it in a local store tell me why I would buy from another company?

As far as being a consultant I have found it stressful and not for me. I am not willing to put myself out there, waste a bunch of money i don't have on products I barely use so why would I want anyone else to? Times are changing. People's priorities are changing and realize that in this world right now is it really proper and economically correct to do direct sales? Anyone else feel me on this?

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 2:53 PM

Sorry you feel that way! Sorry you have not found a company that fits you, it took me a long time to find one and I am just starting out and already making money. PM me if you would like to see a free webcast.

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 9:10 PM

Just wanted to add that we simply set up customer accounts, and mentor those who choose to pursue the business aspect, you would never be left out to do this all by yourself we help you reach your goals. We NEVER sell products, deliver products, stock products, or take orders or have to do parties!! It is amazing! I would be happy to get you into one of our online webcasts where you can get all the info so that you can make an educated decision for yourself. If you would like to do that, please let me know a day that is good for you, and I will let you know what times I have available. Or feel free to give me a call at (417) 368-1881. My name is Sarah Cornell, and I hope to hear from you soon. If you are sincerely looking for a legitimate way to earn an income from home, you owe it to yourself to at least get the details. They're free, and we are not in the business of pressuring anyone, you either like what you hear or you don't.

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