Angellight626's Journal




There’s a deep place within the soul
Where nothing or no one can go.
It is without form and void-
Not a sign of life to show.
Darkness is upon the face of the deep,
Where empty desolation abounds.
Then God says "let there be light"-
And suddenly His Spirit surrounds.
In mercy and love He responds
To the desperate repentant cry;
And now a river freely flows
That never shall run dry.
Hallelujah...There’s a new man created
In Christ our living King.
And the angels in heaven rejoice
As they gleefully worship and sing;
For a new name is written down in glory
That no one can erase;
And abundant life now fills the void
By God’s amazing grace.
Praise God who is on His Holy throne;
He’s a Lord that we can know-
Praise Him for A Place Within
Where only He can go.

"...There is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth"--(Luke 15:10)

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