Question: What's better c-section or natural birth?



natural birth

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My first little girl was born I guess as natural as possible. I had an epidural, but they turned it off saying I wasn't feeling the contractions...whatever they say! I know what I felt. It wasn't fun...which I didn't expect it to be. Labor isn't called labor because it's fun, otherwise it would be called an easy walk in the park.

Anyways Ava was born 9lbs 3oz. 20 inches long. She was beautiful and perfect in almost every way. However we didn't have an easy delivery, and her first few days of life were spent in an oxygen tent. She got stuck, her heart-rate was plumiting and on the way out her clavical (left shoulder) was broken. She had a hematoma from being stuck for so long, then she had a bowel movement in the womb, so they had to stop her from breathing to sucksion this all out.

In the meantime I tore all my parts up. I was cut, and tore still. It took nearly 2 years to actually be able to try to enjoy sex again. I still have times when my female parts hurt, and my husband and I hadn't had relations in weeks.

In May 2010 we found out we were having another baby, and yes it was planned, but I am nervous. My nerves have gotten worse and worse. My previous doctor with Ava said upon me leaving his office that I would have to have c-sections from now on. My new doctor says without a doubt we are not risking this babies life. We're having a scheduled c-section, on January 25, 2011.

Although I'm grateful to not have all my parts out of wack down in the private region, I'm also very nervous about the c-section. I'm also having a tubal done at the same time. I fear the pain that I know I'll have no matter what, and I can take some pain, but I fear the recovery time more than anything.

Some people are saying they have had very minimal pain, and others absolutely hated the c-section. It seems like its about 50/50 on whether they like the idea or not. The fact is I have to have one, my whole family has big babies, and 9lbs 3oz is actually small, we've got 14lb's. Which my doctor has already assured me she won't let me have that big of a baby, it's to strenuous on the body.

Both forms of delivery seem to have their risks. Hopefully my c-section is not as horrible as some have portrayed. I know it's not going to be pretty, but at least I won't have blood splattered on the walls like a horror movie like my first.

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 3:41 PM

I had ER C-Secs with both of mine and I really am thankful for that. Sure I missed out on the birthing part of it and that suxs but not having the complications of the birth canal and the 20 hrs of labor... I was pretty happy.  Wasn't too long of a recovery process for me either.   Good luck though and there's nothing better than the health of that beautiful momma and baby.hugs

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