More then 100 bucks? What is your child getting out of it? Are you paying for a Babysitter or a Childcare Provider? Whats the difference? Babysitters just watch your child. They probably change their diaper and feed them pretty healthy meals and probably have the TV going all day long. SO your probably paying Mediacom or Dish Network maybe donating to PBS to babysit your kidos. A Childcare Provider is a person like me :) who is trained in early childhood, is CPR and First Aid certified so your child is safe has a degree in childcare CDA and State approved clock hours and provides a curriculum and a structured schedule. We go outside and on fieldtrips on pretty days and learn many things that your child needs to know for Kindergarten. I have 1 spot left and would love to add your child to our family. My name is Rachel Slawson and I have a squeaky clean background and have tons of years worth of childcare experience. So if your child is at a babysitter think about switching them to a Childcare Provider like me instead. 417-576-2574. Last week for the Low rate of $85.00 Plus a FREE Parents Night Out. You and your child will LOVE it here.  

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