i,m feed up ...i tired of doing it alone..i need a brake..for a long time. i have been a single mom of 3 for( 5 years).i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my family cant help..yet Had to raise my sisters 2 kids because she could not ..now wen i need some time off. she says not this weekend ..I'm like well fuck u than ..what goes around comes around..

i,m so tired of doing it all..the cooking,cleaning,school stuff,sickness,diapers,baths.....i need me time...time to have my fun..wth???..what do i have to do..?? the dad wont and cant take em ...every time i say . u can get em for christmas brake ..he says idk...i mite not make it that long..i,m like bs.. u just don't wont them..guess i,ll have to just drop em off and run..it fucked up we all was have to do it all....angry

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