I discovered cafemom whil my husband was in Iraq on his 3rd tour almost 3 years ago. I was without support and depressed.  I found the support I needed with the women on this site and I still do from time to time.

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Nov. 18, 2010 at 7:27 PM

I did a lot of traveling in my lifetime...I was in the military from 1972-1976...and before that was a foreign exchange student to Bolivia for a year.....As a result I taught myself Spanish and want to keep connected with South America. plus with my family in PA..(I now live in Texas) ....(My Dad was a HAM radio operator...and I have wanted to follow in his footsteps...getting to know people..It sets its standards high...one has to pass a Morse code test and I believe they are regulated by the FCC....so unlike CB radio and cyberspace.).

Cafemom is just the most wonderful place to be.....once you find out the best sites on here to be at....I came on here very naive-I did not have my first PC until last year at age 56.  The rudeness about blasted me off the internet...but over time I learned to hold my ground and assertively tell people of my opinion.   Like my days of being a classroom teacher...I have now "seen it all".  I decided this PC was MINE and I my way of responding would be of high caliber....following the example of my Dad on the radio....

I love your story....I have experienced it also....and have found just some awesome mature women with whom to associate....:)

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