It's just been one thing after another today. Last night Discovered that my bread pan for my bread machine needs replacing. Then today I noticed that I need to replace the paddle for it too. Went to the maker of machines website. They don't sell replacements pieces just new bread machines. Finally found both on Amazon for not nearly as much as I expected. Now I just have to find the money to replace it. So for now I'm hand making bread. Getting ready to bake my first loaf, not to bad.

Daniel has been fussing about every little thing today. I know he's not feeling good because he has an ear infection but today he's gone overboard with it!!!

From the moment that Dylan got home he's been demanding everything under the sun. I told him when he got home that I was hand making bread and that I would get him his snack and drink after I was done. Half done I hear him ask I want milk, Ok I'll get it in a minute, no I want it now, I told I would get it once I was done with the bread. He goes on like that for 5 minutes.

Then we get a letter in the mail from an insurance we're trying to switch to. Because of Dylan's medical history (they mean the fact that needs to go to a head doctor, sorry can't remember the spelling at the moment) it's going to cost $100 more a month. My mom has offered $50 a month to help off set the amount. I hate doing that but his company insurance has already lead us to bankrupcy, we can't do another year with this insurance. I really don't know what we're going to do right now!! We're going to have to cancel Dylan's appointment for now.

To top it all off my allegies have my eyes irrated beyound belief!!! Their itchy, sensitive, watery and feel swollen. Hopefully it's better tomorrow because I have a bunch of baking to do tomorrow.

On the up side, they finally fixed the hole in the bathroom ceiling!! No more having to look at the hole and piping. YAY!!!

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