Okay, so everything was pretty good today. My husband actually agreed to watch our son and baby daughter while I was in class, it was only an hour and during Eirianna's naptime so he only had to deal with our son, who is really well behaved whenever I have to take him to the school house with me. When I go to drop him off at work we find out that he was given the day off, his first all week. We took the car to the mechanic, someone had hit it the other night and caused some damage, but our insurance wants 3 different price quotes from 3 different mechanics before paying for the damages. I dropped him off at the house so that he can put our son down for a nap and took the baby with me to get our daugter from school. Then I took the car to a second mechanic and after they looked at the car I went to get the steps from their tutoring class. After that I went to the grocery store (now mind you, I told my husband that I was going to the grocery store after picking up the older 2 kids and told him that he needed to have something defrosted for supper because their bio-mom will be picking them up within a half-hour of me getting home) and got some beans, corn, potatoes, bread, butter, milk and so forth since we had plenty of meats but no side items.

Anyway, I come home with a trunk full of groceries and I see him sitting at the computer table, which looks out in the yard. My step-son goes in the house to ask his daddy for some help in bringing in the groceries, and then comes back outside to help me. So there I am, with both arms filled with groceries, my step-kids arms filled with groceries, and my 5 year old having to carry the baby because the grocery bags were too heavy for her. Not once did my husband come out to help me or the kids,and when we got to the house he fussed at the 5 year old for carrying the baby.

Upon walking into the house, after telling him that if he had gotten off his ass and helped then the 5 year old wouldn't have HAD to carry the baby inside, I discover that not only did my husband NOT defrost anything for supper, but he also DID NOT wash the dishes he messed up (we don't have that many pots and pans or eating dishes so whenever anyone cooks we have to wash the pot/pan we used so that it can be reused for the next meal, same with eating dishes) but he is sitting on the computer playing games while our 3 year old is running around buck naked with the TV blaring. What's a woman to do in the face of blatent disregard for the health and warefare of her children?

I cussed, I yelled, and then I disconnected the internet cable until he got off his lazy ass and did what I asked him to do. WIthin 15 minutes supper was on it's way to being cooked, which was more than what I asked of him, I just wanted meat to be defrosted so that I could cook, and the dishes are washed. Children who didn't want to listen and cop attitudes to me throughout the day (aka the step-son and my daughter) were crying becuase he punished them for giving me grief and doing homework.

I had to go upstairs because the baby was crying, it was wayyy past the time for her to nurse and I had to feed her and lay her down for her night time nap. Right now he's getting all the kids to pick up their messes and straighten up the mess they made with my book shelf (I have shelves for the kids books downstairs since the steps have to read for 15 minutes everyday. It took me 20 minutes to nurse and put the baby to sleep. I think that's a record for him.

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 6:57 PM

that is rough          prayers

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 6:57 PM

I hate computer and games for this fact men put them b4 there family.. last week i threw our dsl box out in the rain and it didnt work but next day we went got a new one uggggh

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