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Man I feel like an old woman.  Last year it was my gallbladder followed by the dang Essure proceedure gone wrong.  This year its been migraines, seizures, and now Chron's disease.  Since right after halloween I started feeling sick.  Pains in my lower right abdomen would have me curled up in bed, or in the bathroom sick from the pain.  Finally last week I gave in and went to the hospital.  I was there 12hrs and they diagnosed me as having Chron's Ileitis.  I have problems eating because of pain and getting sick.  They sent me home w/ Lortab, but what SAHM w/ a 2yr old is really going to take that when their husband is working 8-30hrs at a time (I gave in and did it today because I was doubled over in pain on the kitchen floor).  My neighbor heard me screaming in pain today and came over and had the kids open the door (which I said yes to) so she could get to me to help.  I just feel awful.  My next visit w/ the doctor is friday, but I'm not sure I will make it since i have to take the kids to the daycare for it and it opens at the exact time as my appointment. I'm hoping DH can drop them.  I still have a colonoscopy to schedule too.  If it werent for our kids I think I would have broken by now and screamed.

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 8:09 PM

i feel ur pain i have been trying to get my health issues diagnoised. chrons disease is hard to live with. my aunt has it and she weighs at most 80 pounds. the chrons acts up when she is stressed or she eats something that she shouldn't. the first yr she was diagnoised she eat only baby foods. could ur neighbor watch the kids for u on friday for a few hrs. good luck

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Nov. 17, 2010 at 9:02 PM

I have a cousin with Crohns, and she's the same about 80 - 90 pounds, I've never seen her eat... ----  (I just hope there is a specialist you can see, to truly make sure thats what it is...)... It seems like an off the cuff diagnosis from an E.R. or whereever you went.... -- Hope you get to feeling better.... If your doubled up somethins really not right... and 'Pain Pills' won't fix that, and only put your mind in a bad Fog....  Pain Pills aren't any answer... --- Not getting on you of course.. ------  (I had just started walking on a treadmill and light weights at a gym, wanted to really look good by Christmas, well, two days ago, I slipped Hard on our wood floors, and my knee's completely gave out, I have giant bruises now all down the back of my legs, and the pain in my one Knee, is more than I can bare at times..  - I just don't know why life has to be like this for some of us, and not all of us... Tak Care..

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Nov. 20, 2010 at 9:57 AM

Thanks ladies. They have put me on a liquid diet for now until the middle of next month at least. I have a vacation in a few weeks (jan) so I am hoping its better by then because I've already paid for my meals and I cant cancel (past the 45day out mark).

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