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Ok—so after a seven-year gap between having babies, I’m back in the saddle again! My son, Lincoln, is now almost nine months old and reminds me of sweet pumpkin spice with his rosy cheeks and autumn-colored hair. His older brothers and sisters adore the heck out of him, and he keeps getting colds, I think, because they can’t stop kissing him!

baby clothes online
We love our Lincoln!
baby clothes
Sweet Sibs!

Something interesting about Lincoln is that when I was 19 weeks pregnant with him the ultrasound tech told us that he was 100% supposed to be a girl. I had received a bunch of pink newborn baby clothing from a baby shower, perused baby clothes online for little girls to pass the time during my pregnancy, and had the hardest time finding a girl’s car seat that I liked to take him home from the hospital…So you can imagine the mayhem that followed his birth to get newborn baby clothing and essentials for my little guy in a hurry!

Although we were initially prepared for a little girl, one thing my gorgeous husband, Robbie, and I could NOT agree upon was a girl’s name to save our lives!!! So, when he came out a boy, Robbie suggested Lincoln, and we both quickly agreed. I love it! It fits him perfectly!!!

One thing that Linc’s birth sparked in me was my renewed passion for adorable newborn baby clothing and fashionable apparel for infants, toddlers and kids, which is why I decided to start selling cute baby clothes online. Lincoln looks great in brown I’ve noticed, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for stylish baby boy clothes with brown tones that would be perfect as the autumn weather is settling in.

Newborn Shops has adorable Baby Clothes Online!
My sweet little guy!

Although I didn’t have a girl, I still can’t help but look at all the beautiful baby girl clothing online too. Fashion wasn’t as girly when I had Lauren Kate eight years ago. Yes, it was pink and somewhat cute, but nowadays they have posh hair bows, frilly tutus and adorable baby leggings that I just don’t remember back then. Luckily Lauren is young enough that we can still dress her up!

Our family recently bought a new home that we adore. It has an amazing playroom for the kids, a theater and a wet bar in the basement where we have family movie nights. We also have a fire pit in the back yard for roasting marshmallows and getting warm on cool fall nights.

I have always loved autumn… the brilliant crimson and gold foliage, the crisp air, rustling leaves and fresh fall fashions!


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